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es and they would grasp such opportunities to enhance cooperation, advance the Bel▓t and Road Initiative and embrace a brighter future together with China.After the opening cere

's first import-them▓ed national-level expo in

mony, Xi toured the exhibitions with the foreign l▓eaders.Accompanied by Macron, Xi visited t▓he French booth and tasted French wine and beef. French entrepreneurs said they ar

2018 and has introduced new opening-up

e bullish ▓about the Chinese market and hope to f▓urther expand exports to China.While visitin▓g the Chinese booth, Macron joyfully got into a simulated cockpit of China's hom

been transferred here from Wolong. Ya'an?/a>

emade jumbo jet. It reminds people of a similar scene at▓ the first CIIE a year ago, when Laotian and Vi▓etnamese prime ministers had a simulated ride on the Fuxing, China's late

▓aid. "One year on, these initiatives and s

st gener▓ation of high-speed trains, at the Chinese boo▓th.From the Fuxing to the jumbo jet, the world has witnessed China's conti▓nuous leapfrog development and has benefited a

teps have been by▓ and large put in place."Now

lot from the equal and mutually beneficial co▓operation with China.Standing in front of a countd▓own screen for winning the country's battle against poverty with the foreign l

in Shanghai, the second CIIE has attra

eaders, X▓i said China is ready to share its poverty relief experience with other countries ▓and jointly build a community with a shared future for ▓humanity featuring common de

cted participation of 1▓55 countries and regi

velopmen▓t and freedom from poverty.As Xi observed in his Tues▓day speech at the opening ceremony, Ch▓ina's development, viewed through the lens of history, is "an integral part

of the lofty cause of human progress.""China will reach out its arms and▓ offer countries in the world more opportunities of market, investment and growth,▓" the Chinese president promised. "

Together, we can achieve development for all." Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChina's forex regulator Tuesday announced i

t would abolish the investment quota re▓strictions for Qualified Foreign In▓stitutional Investors (QFII) and Re▓nminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (RQFII) to boost financial refor

ms and opening-up.China▓ lifts investment quota limit for QFII, RQ▓FII amid financial opening-upChina lifts investment quota limit for QFII, RQFII amid financial opening-up09-11-2019 09:24 BJT

Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatDespite of international economic uncertainties, China has maintained stable economic growth an

d the Chinese market remains the favo▓rite of many foreign firms.Economic Watch: Foreign firms optimistic about Chinese marketEconomic Watch:▓ Foreign firms optimistic about Chinese market09-0

9-2019 09:24 BJTBEIJING, Sept. 8 -- Despite of intern▓ational economic uncertainties, China has maintained stable economic growth and the Chinese market remains the favorite o▓f many foreign

ll come and see

what it has to offer," Xi said in his keynot

firms.A group of corporate giant leaders gathered in Beijing over the weekend, discussing busine▓ss prospects and voicing their confidence in China for its ▓position as an irrep

e speech at the opening ceremony, bringing a

laceable market and bey▓ond."For us, China's not simply a large-scale▓ consumer market, but also an importa▓nt source of innovation as well as a major element of the industrial

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